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CORE Living

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Wonderfully written, easy to read, great take home messages and life changing.I recommend it to my clients and they have appreciated the teachings. Highly recommend!

CORE Hypnosis

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Written with sensitivity, care, and gentleness, CORE Hypnosis is a creative, compassion informed model for utilizing the skills of clinical hypnosis. 

Daddy What is Kefi?
A book about living life with a full heart

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We have really enjoyed reading this book for a bedtime story. Both my children , ages 6 and 9, have asked to read the book several times. The pictures are bright and engaging and the message is one that any age can appreciate! We are hoping there will be a 2nd book about mud beavers soon

Through Silence and Ash

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This book is a ceremonial song, a melody of daring, wisdom and possibility.  It is an elegy to the heart of anticipation and realization of obtaining a desired dream. 


Clynical Hypnosis DVD