Mind Hacking Willpower

Do you wrongly but persistently expect to make different decisions tomorrow than today?

Do you sabotage your own success?

 Do you use “good” behaviour to give yourself permission to do something “bad”?

Do you have a hard time delaying gratification and give in to impulses at the expense of your greater good?


You are not lazy or lack willpower. You are simply in the wrong state of mind and body for self-control !

Willpower challenges occur when subconscious desires compete with our long term interests leading to self-sabotaging behaviours.

The good news is we can hack into our subconscious and correct unhealthy patterns.

In this seminar series you will learn how to shift your mind-body state for improved self-control and to find the motivation you need to meet your goals.

1055 West Broadway, 2nd floor lounge 

Dates and Time:
June 13, 2015

Cost for the whole program: $250
Cost includes handouts/workbook

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Receipts issued which may be eligible for reimbursement from your extended health insurance plan.

For registration Contact Dr. Harry Stefanakis at 604-434-1122 or drharrys@gmail.com

Registration limited to 25 participants.