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Consulting Associates

Dr. Eva DeHasseva_dehaas_photo

Registered Psychologist (#2074)

Eva brings warmth, compassion, and self-awareness to the therapy room. She draws from a broad skill set, ranging from shorter-term, skill-based interventions to more in-depth, psychodynamic approaches.

Eva obtained her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Simon Fraser University here in the Lower Mainland and completed her residency at the Foothills Medical Centre and the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary, Alberta. Eva has over 10 years experience providing therapy and assessments to individuals, couples, and groups.


Barbara Murphy

Registered Dietitian

Barbara is a registered dietitian who graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition and was accredited in an internship with Capital Health in Edmonton, Alberta.

Barbara has worked in many areas including heart health, diabetes, weight management, oncology, and palliative care.

She is passionate about health promotion and education. Barbara is dedicated to helping individuals achieve realistic goals to enhance their overall health.


Kerry Chutter, MA, RCC

Kerry head shot

My professional practice emphasizes individual counselling within a range of concerns; including depression, anxiety, trauma, anger management, illness, substance misuse, disordered eating, grief, and loss. The symptoms that one experiences can be viewed as the inner call to change some aspect of relating to oneself, others, or a life that is no longer working or congruent with one’s current circumstances. I provide counselling from a collaborative strengths-based perspective, with careful attention to the body mind connection. Clients are given the opportunity to explore their inner workings in order to create greater self awareness, choice points, and opportunities for change. This in turn enhances their relationship with themselves and with others. Mindful awareness is foundational to my practice. Mindfulness provides access to inner resources that support personal growth and movement towards more authentic and fulfilling ways of being in the world. My commitment is to create a safe place where clients can examine and explore their inner expectations and feelings in a trusted and accepting environment.

I received a Masters of Counselling Psychology from City University of Seattle’s Vancouver division. My background in Alternative Wholistic Health and Child & Youth Care informs my practice with a multiplicity of perspectives. Additionally I have had the great privilege of being mentored since 2007 by psychologists Dr. Stephen Gilligan, originator of Self Relations Psychotherapy and author of the Courage to Love; Dr. Harry Stefanakis, a leader in compassion based treatment and clinical hypnosis; and Dale Trimble, Faculty & Executive of the AEDP Institute.
Areas of Practice
Anger management Issues
Grief & Loss
Personal Growth